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About "MY" Paste ©....

I introduced "MY" paste© in 2002 (ish) at the Las Vegas Painting Convention. We were so surprised at how well it was received. We sold out of our product the first day and Make and Takes were sold out the whole time we were there. 

I started to travel teach all over the U.S. and I truly enjoyed it. I took a break a few years ago and in the last year I have had people asking me to bring it back. 

Now I know there are others people out there teaching all kinds of different things and ways of doing this and that is ok, there is room for ALL of us! 

The technique I am using is called "Brush Embroidery" ! It has been around for hundreds of years in the cake and cookie making industry.  I worked for a lady that introduced it to the Ceramic and Decorative Painting industry. And I am so thankful to her for doing this. 

I changed the name to "MY" Paste © because I kept getting questions. So it is now know by copyright as "MY" Paste © !  

Here are some tips on using "MY" Paste © : 

  • Never pipe into the paste - always pipe away from the flow. It will jam your tip up.
  • If you get it on something you do not want it on, you can wipe it right off. Wipe off what you can and then go back and pipe what you want over it. 
  • A hair dryer can speed up the drying process.
  • Do NOT add water to this to thin it. Try an extender first, an extender will open it up. 
  • You can use it onetched or plain glass, fabric, paper, canvas, slate, mirror.....pretty much anything!
  • You can add acrylic paint to the paste to tint it. But I don't suggest it as it will be a pastel color. Paint on top of it, YOU"RE the artist. Do not add oil colors to "MY" Paste ©
  • "MY" Paste© contains marble dust, which keeps it hard and durable when dry. 
  • You can pipe it on, stipple it, use a stencil or fingers. You are limited ONLY by your imagination! 
  • Stainless Steel tips ONLY! Do not try to use a Wilton tip! It will color and stain your paste black

So enjoy "MY" paste © and if you have any questions please feel free to email me anytime at Shannon@shannonbee.com


I want this to be a unique experience for you with "MY " Paste, I want you to learn the joy of pasting and the effects you can get with it. 

Pattern Packets

My patterns can be ordered on this site. Payment is via PayPal or you can send a check. 


When I was a little girl I sat in my Dad's garage at his giant easel and the smell of the pastels and the India Ink was so overwhelming. I started to copy the temporary drapes my mom put up in my room and books we got at school. In high School I fell in love with Pen and Ink. My teacher entered some of my artwork and entered it in the Laguna Beach Museum of Art. I won a scholarship to their summer program. 

In 1992 a friend took me to a local tole painting shop and we rented a video, bought the items listed  (paints, brushes cleaners) and I learned to paint.  My friend was teaching  classes in her garage, I went and have been painting ever sense. 

In 1994 found my self in a minor car accident but the timing was perfect....my Mom had just purchased a Ceramic shop and I stayed with her to recoup.. After about a year I started teaching in the shop 2 nights a week and weekends. I connected with a mold and color company and traveled a bit for them, teaching piping, past and brushstrokes. As time went by things slowed down, we closed the shop and I went into Real Estate. 

Now I'm BACK and I so appreciate everyone who encouraged me to resume sharing my art form. Gonna give it a good run. I have returned to teaching locally and soon, some new things are coming. I have had great mentors and lots of encouragement. 


Pattern Packets for Sale 

Catch of The Day - 





More Packets - email me to order 

Peek a Boo -Frankie Ornament

Pattern Pkt: $7.50 (pdf)

*if mailed +s/h 

Winter Church 

Pattern Pkt $7.50 (pdf)

* if mailed + s/h

Peek a Boo - Snowman

Pattern Pkt $7.50 (pdf)

* if mailed + s/h

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Kreative Klutter - Victorville ( coming as soon as I can) 

Samples of my work 


California Crab on a cigar box

Irish and blue etched plate

Pansies on blue etched plate

Catch of the day

Dragon Flies (piped)




Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have or about the products or even classes!